Choose a job you love, and you'll never have to work a day in your life.

The journey to becoming successful is anything but straight forward. Often filled with bumps and unexpected detours. We connected with a group of seasoned industry professionals to talk about their career pathway.

We dive into the behind the scenes of a career in tech, sharing the successes (and mistakes) to pass the knowledge onto you.


// Connecting with designers in many different situations - freelancers, startups, agencies, and entrepreneurs. See how these talented individuals wound up where they are today.

EP01: TVFS w/ Jason Marder

"I spend my days on the design team at Gusto where we try to make running a small business less stressful. I'm happy to be alive and in the wonderful city of San Francisco no less. I find inspiration and beauty all over the place, and I bring that same adventurous curiosity to my work."
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EP02: TVFS w/ Lan Belic

"I am Lan Belic, a product designer from Slovenia. I am always seeking to grow and learn in design and life. Currently, I am based in Amsterdam, Netherlands where I am working as a Product designer on the mobile project at MOBGEN Accenture Interactive.
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EP03: TVFS w/ Kylie Timpani

Kylie is the Senior Designer at Humaan, a highly regarded and human-focused digital agency in Australia. She co-runs a little conference for digital folk called Mixin, speaks at events, is a big advocate for mentorship and really doesn’t take kindly to Gotham. Not even the light weight.
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